Sunday, May 9, 2010

The New Highland Way

In the last few months Highland Way has been slowly evolving. Heloise and Rich have moved onto other musical projects while we've been joined by Ned Giblin and Freddy Faith. We will miss Heloise and Rich and wish them success in their various projects.

Freddy started playing intermittently with us about a year ago. It is his percussion that you hear in our version of Caledonia.

Paul and myself have been joining Ned here and there for the last 6 years. So it was no surprise when we asked him to join us.

Both Ned and Freddy have brought a new energy to the band. Ned is a native Irishman, a vocalist who plays a host of traditional instruments, including, mandolin, whistle, bodhran, and guitar. Freddy is an energetic and animated drummer and percussionist. We are ready to shake up audiences around the country. Look out for us in a town near you.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Farewell to Good Friends

Heloise and Richie have officially left Highland Way. We wish them the best in their other musical endeavors.

The band now consists of Brian Caldwell, Ned Giblin, Paul Castellanos, and Freddy Faith.

Look for us at festivals and theaters next year. If any other shows come up before then, we'll be sure to let you all know.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ford and the Vikings

It's the first week of Fall, weather in Southern California is starting to cool down (just a bit) at last, and we had a fantastic show in L.A.!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at the Ford Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. It was a good night, and a lot of fun. We introduced our newest band member, Freddy Faith, on the drums. Want to meet Freddy and welcome him to the Highland Way family? Come on out to the Viking Festival this weekend in Vista, CA.

September 26th, from 11am to 8pm and September 27th, from 11am to 4pm

$7 one day ticket -- $11 two day pass -- 12 & under FREE!

We take the stage four times on Saturday and twice on Sunday. And for those in-between times, check out the fantastic Viking games, food, contests (fish flinging and axe throwing, anyone?), and other entertainment. Kids can even take in a free accordion lesson while you're there.

So come out to Norway Hall in Vista (click here for directions) this weekend. Enjoy the good weather, good food, good music, and learn a little something about the Vikings. See you there!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Homecoming Scotland 2009 Video -- Reviews Are In!

Scroll down to see the latest Highland Way video, Homecoming Scotland 2009. Thanks to everyone who offered wonderful reviews. We cherish each one. Many of your comments are below.

Share the video with your friends, and be sure to leave a comment with the location from which you're watching. We want to see how far around the world the video goes!



Thank you for that Brian, it made me cry, you have helped me decide to go hame next year for a visit...I havent been back since we emigrated here....its time, the video was beautiful thank you so much...Cheers Laddie,

Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed it. Hope to hear more from you and the band. Amy

I love the song Caledonia. Is that your band singing this version? Ive heard Dougie Mclean, and Frankie Miller's the video too, makes me want to go even more now....Bev

Very, very nice Brian. I never tire of pics of Scotland and your video was wonderful. The music was perfect and captured the soul of everything Scottish. I will be checking out your website as well. Thank you so much for sharing!!! Bev

nice job mate, just wish i had better speakers on my computer. i'll pass it on. good luck to ya.

Absolute brilliance! I teared up!! Seen many but this was beautiful!!Is that your band singing Thank you so very much. Cynthia

Thank you. Your video and music was beautiful!

Enjoyed watching the video Brian... did you take the pictures? So many scenes of places I want to see when I get there! Beautiful rendition of Caledonia!!! How in the world could you leave it all behind for CA????? That's beyond me!!! Thanks for sharing! Take care... Steff

WOW! That was well done! I loved it, even though it made my heart hurt, I miss it that much. Awesome photos; nicely done rendition of one of Dougie's finest. Thanks SO much for sharing! Elle

Thanks for the link...I have always enjoyed that tune by Dougie MacLean and y'all did it very proud. Jamie

Thanks for the showing me the Homecoming video..makes my heart ache! Your music is beautiful and was the perfect accompanyment for it. Hilarie

Thank you so much Brian for sharing this... I want to go to Scotland so much that looking at this video I had tears in my eyes...just incredible. I loved it very much.Danielle

Thanks for the video. It is awesome. Brought a wee tear to my eye. I am homesick. In a good way. Lynda

Brian I absolutely love it!! Thank you so much. I shed a tear & kept touching the screen esp at the thistles! Katy

Just watched absolutely brilliant and yes it cheered me up thanks for that will skip to work today lol just going to watch it again Eileen

ABSOLUTELY BLINDING !!!! Thank You So Much !! Ian

Enjoyed your version of "Caledonia". Hope to hear you in person some day. Mary

Thank you so much Brian for that wonderful clip. Now I need a box of tissues. Diana

beautiful stuff, man! I will forward on to friends. Mike

That’s very good, you are based in the U.S?? William

Thanks, Brian.. I posted it on my facebook page, and everybody loved it! Good job. Sherry

I just checked out your website. Very nice. Mechelle

Brian, that was magnificent! Thank you so much for sending that! The song just reaches in and wraps around the heart. It's beautiful. Makes me want to swim across the Atlantic. Elizabeth

That’s an amazing video mate, I could never leave this country, if I go a few weeks without seeing the hills and lochs I feel so down, hen a wee trip up north reminds me how lucky I am, Caledonia is the perfect song for thoughts like that, and you do a great version of it, well done :o)

The video and music is spectacular! I am surely going to forward it on to friends and family. Tiffanie

Love your song, passing it along to lots of friends, thanks so much for sharing! Lee

Nice vid, sums up Scotland nicely!! Lorna

It has been enjoyed by many! Thanks again for the music AND the pics. Sherry

Thank you so much for sharing the video with me, you did a great job all i can say it was beautiful, It really is very touching...Thank you, Marlene

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Note from Brian!

Brian Caldwell can't get home for the Homecoming, but he's done the next best thing: brought a wee slice of Scotland to the Scots that can't get to Scotland this year. Watch the video on YouTube:

Take a listen and view, and if you want, feel free to forward it to any of your Scottish friends around the States and the globe.

Let's see how far around the world this video goes.
If you're a Scot abroad, leave a note of the country you're viewing from!

- HW

Homecoming Scotland 2009

2009 marks the 250th anniversary of Robert Burns' birth (you all know who he is, yes?). In celebration of his accomplishments and his contributions to the world, Scotland is throwing a yearlong anniversary party! All Scots -- whether you're 100% or 1% -- are encouraged to fly home sometime during this year to walk once more among the lovely green hills of our homeland. For those who can't make it, we've put together a video just for you:

Homecoming Scotland 2009

If you're not a Scot, don't worry. This video is a fine tour for our friends as well! And maybe, just maybe, you'll find yourself a Scot at heart.


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SD Games and Clan Gathering 2009

What a weekend! Music and laughs, chatting it up with all of our friends and supporters, jamming on stage with fellow musicians, it doesn't get much better than this! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us.

Hope you had as much fun as we did! Are you already enjoying your new Limited Edition Highland Way CD -- Crowd Favorites? Stop by our website to let us know what you think. Simply go to the Guest Book page and leave your comments. Check back here and on our MySpace & Facebook profiles to see more photos of this fun weekend!

Thanks for following us on Twitter. Who knew "tweeting" could be so much fun? We're now up to 39 followers and growing. Let's see how quickly we can get to 100. You can do it! Pass the word, and get your friends to join in the fun!